1. Load a web browser like Google Chrome. Visit the website www.microtek.net.au/tv
  2. TeamViewer will begin to download
  3. When the download is complete click on the icon to run or execute the TeamViewer installer
  4. User Access Control will request privileges to install TeamViewer. Please click Yes
  5. The TeamViewer setup wizard will load. Please click Next on this window
  6. Select Company/Commercial Use and click Next
  7. Tick I accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next
  8. TeamViewer will take a few moments to install
  9. Once installed a new wizard will present for configuring unattended access. Please click Next
  10. Under Computer Name please enter your full name and a brief description of your computer. Is it a desktop? Laptop?
  11. Do not enter a password. Click Next
  12. Click Skip Password
  13. Click Finish
  14. Click Allow and finish
  15. Confirm that TeamViewer is online. At the bottom of the Microtek Remote Support window, there should be a green dot next to text saying Ready to connect (secure connection)
  16. Contact Microtek via phone on 1300 701 395 or by emailing support@microtek.net.au
  17. Supply Microtek with the 9 or 10 digit ID number and the password
  18. Leave your computer turned on until advised by Microtek